The boilerplate is the standard section of text that usually appears at the bottom of a press release, for example, that provides a clear and concise description of the business / product / service.

You will probably need to create a boilerplate for your company – similar to the ‘About Us’ page on your website, and additional boilerplates for your products and services.


It makes sense to prepare a number of versions, differing in size by the number of words: 25, 50, 100 are typical. This makes it really easy to respond to questions such as those contained in an RFP or a directory listing etc

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The A2Z of B2B Marketing

The A2Z of B2B Marketing is a marketing glossary. The glossary is written for anyone connected with a B2B sales and marketing environment.

Throughout the glossary are definitions of marketing phrases, along with mini case studies, top tips, infographics and more.
The purpose of this guide is not to make you the world’s greatest marketer. But an attempt to remove the ‘mystique’ and ‘marketing mumbo jumbo’. Therefore you can have a more direct and effective conversation with sales and marketing colleagues.

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