Banner Ad

A catch-all phrase that relates to an online advertising format. Online adverts can be many shapes and sizes. A banner advert is a horizontal orientated ad format. The vertical layout is known as a Skyscraper. The sizing of a banner advert is measured in pixels which is the individual dot of colour that helps make up a web page. As the graphic shows, there are many options open for ad size and format.

B2B Marketing Glossary B

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The A2Z of B2B Marketing

The A2Z of B2B Marketing is a marketing glossary. The glossary is written for anyone connected with a B2B sales and marketing environment.

Throughout the glossary are definitions of marketing phrases, along with mini case studies, top tips, infographics and more.
The purpose of this guide is not to make you the world’s greatest marketer. But an attempt to remove the ‘mystique’ and ‘marketing mumbo jumbo’. Therefore you can have a more direct and effective conversation with sales and marketing colleagues.

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